Sunday, May 9, 2010

Index of Decluttering Posts

Since I've been devoting so much blog space to simplifying, I am going to put another index on my sidebar. Here it is, under construction for now...

If you want to see an earlier household tour on my old blog you can look here:
Household Journey
Hooray, I have made real progress since those days! Nice to have a record of improvement : ).

On this blog, I started simplifying after reading Father Dubay's book Happy are you Poor (the link leads you to yet another index of posts). I am not confusing this decluttering with a practice of poverty. It's not the same thing. But for me, it might be a precondition. ... like recollecting is a necessary step before prayer, that sometimes may end up merging with prayer.

Round One

Clearing Out Part II
Clearing Out Part III

Household Journal #1

Household Journal #2
Household Journal #3
Bag Size?
Household Journal #4
Household Journal #5

Round Two

Household Journal #6 -- Starting Round Two of Decluttering

Master Bedroom #1 -- Little Boys' Clothing
Master Bedroom #2 -- My Clothes Cupboard
Master Bedroom #3 -- Goodbye Utility Rack
Master Bedroom #4 -- Curriculum Closet and Bookshelves
Master Bedroom #5 -- Storage Space Behind the Bed

Loft #1 -- My "Office" Space
Loft #2 -- What Toys to Hold On To?
Loft #3 -- Toy Storage Solutions
Loft #4 -- Childrens' Books

Closets and Drawers #1: Just Wondering Something
Closets and Drawers #2 -- Junk Dragons
Closets and Drawers #3 -- What Papers to Keep?
Closets and Drawers #4 -- Strategies for Less Paper
Closets and Drawers #5 -- How Many Supplies to Have Around?

Household Systems #1: Updating Household Systems
Household Systems #2: Form for Weekly Cleaning

Household Journal #7 -- Transitions and Paper Records
Household Journal #8 -- Up to 80 Bags

Bookshelves, Revisited: Book Priorities

Closets and Drawers #6 -- Hall Closets

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