Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Clothes Cabinet

In my cabinet:

13 pairs of jeans (too much -- they are in two sizes -- which size to give up?)
2 pairs of sweats
18 "good" shirts (mostly longsleeved)
7 pairs of shirts that are stained or worn -- that I use for house days
8 sweaters and cardigans
1 hooded sweatshirt
2 regular sweatshirts
3 vest jackets
12 pairs of socks
12 pairs of underwear
4 bras/undershirts
2 slips

I also have:

5 dress scarves
5 winter scarves
about 3 pairs of good stockings to wear with the skirts
3 jeans skirts
2 dress skirts

a winter jacket
2 pairs of clogs
1 pair of paddock boots to wear with the skirts
a pair of Mary Jane type shoes to wear with the skirts
2 pairs of walking shoes
a pair of hiking shoes that are coming apart

In the discard pile:

4 undershirts
2 skirts
1 pair of jeans
7 shirts
4 sweaters/sweatshirts


I don't think I need 3 denim skirts, or more than 8 pairs of jeans, or more than 12 "good" shirts, since I don't leave the house every day. When I come back through I'm going to try to discard again.

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