Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keeping House Book Study

Here is the Schedule

November 7 Preface 
November 14 Chapter 1 - What’s Christian About Housework?

November 21 Chapter 1 part 2
November 28 Chapter 2 - A Place to Live
December 5 Chapter 3 - Sheltering a Household
December 12  Chapter 4 - Clothes to Wear
December 19, Chapter 5 -- Clothing a Household

--Break for Christmas --

 January 16  Chapter 6 - Food to Eat
January 16 Chapter 7 - Feeding a Household

January 30 Chapter 8 - The Well-Kept House
February 6  Optional Wrap Up or Catch Up

Original Post Below (I put the index up at the top to make it easier for anyone who finds this study later and wants to browse). 

I was going to start blogging about Keeping House:  The Litany of Everyday Life.  That was back in July.  Then July came, and the summer had turned into a gypsy procession, as various combinations of members of our family traversed south and north and east and even west (in the form of a trip to Alaska).  I almost stopped blogging altogether,  and I hardly was even reading anything that didn't have a narrative.

In early September I actually did give the house a full autumn cleaning, but I was too busy doing it to write about it.  

But now it's late October early November! and it might be good to think of starting to get the house ready for Advent and Christmas.   The clean look is wearing off now that books and paper have found semi-permanent residence on many surfaces, and the leftovers of various projects are everywhere I look.   So I thought I might pick up Keeping House again and blog my way through it.

When I was at Bible Study tonight I was thinking about how much more I retain of the things I studied along with others, than I do when I read something on my own.  It goes like this:

  • Read quickly through it on my own = a general sense of what the book was about plus a few details.
  • Read through and blog through it = all the above plus some actual thoughts in my head that came out of what I read.
  • Read though and discuss it with others = tackling some real gaps in understanding that I hadn't even noticed + getting insights from others + some actual changes in my life and thinking, whether big or small.
I think this is why narrating is better than just reading and narrating AND follow-up is better than just narrating.

Even starting now takes me through January  --- yikes.  I needed that reminder that Christmas is not really that far away!

Please leave a comment if you are interested in blogging along, so I know whether it's worth it to put up a Linky widget.   (It's not a commitment, of course, if life gets in the way and you end up not being able to do it).


  1. This is exactly what I needed to read this a.m. I'd love to join you. I just blogged about how I need to focus on household things. I love that it is on the kindle too! So I'm in!

  2. I need to do this and look forward to doing it along with you and others; count me it also!

  3. I'm in! I am reading several books on hospitality, so this will be a nice complement. Plus, of course, Homekeeping stuff is becoming rather a hobby for me. :)

    I completely agree about the just reading, reading with blogging, and reading with a book club. Unfortunately, I'm just not getting into Abolition of Man right now, even with the book club.

  4. I'd love to do this. If you don't do a linky, we could just post a link to your blog in our posts, and post a link to our blog posts in the comments? Anyway, looking forward to a second, more thoughtful read through this book

  5. I'm joining! Jessica Snell made me do it.

    It took me all of 1 minute to read your post and download a Kindle version of the book. I will definitely keep up with the reading...I'll try to keep up with the blogging. :)

  6. This book has been in my to-read stack for months, so THANK-YOU for helping me get started on it. I'm looking forward to reading it "with" you.

  7. I started this book last summer following your suggestion. I haven't finished it all yet but I'd love to blog it along with you. Thanks for the opportunity!


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