Monday, February 6, 2012

Poetic Knowledge Book Study Index

This is the index to my posts about Poetic Knowledge, with links to Mystie's posts which link to other posts by other readers.    I knew it would take a long time to compile it so I've been procrastinating!

Mystie has moved to a new location at The Convivial Home, but  her old domain at A Healer's Geste remains up for the next year, so the links still will work for quite a while. 

Chapter 1

"The poetic impulse to reflect what is already there" 

Chapter 2:

The universal embedded in the particular
 How Poetic Knowledge works

Chapter 3

Modes of Knowledge -- poetry is sane because it floats easily on an infinite sea
The Habit of Poetic Knowledge

Chapter 4

Descartes and His Legacy
The ascendancy of the materialistic view of man

Chapter 5

Aristotle quote
So that souls can bloom
The logic of crafts and gymnastics

Chapter 6

The unmaking of a dullard
Some links connected to the integrated humanities program
Rediscovery of their childhood

Chapter 7

some more links, and a list of books
a poem by John Senior:  the End of Education
the integration of an idea and a desire
 preparation for perception of the beautiful

Chapter 8

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy and art
Application:  not a checklist but a process


  1. And those links to Healer's Geste will still be up quite awhile. My husband said he is likely to just keep the domain renewed anyway, which means they will stick around. :) I reposted the PK series to my new blog, and it retained the links to everyone else's posts.

    1. I'm glad they will still be up. I'm also glad you are carrying things over to your new blog .... looking forward to seeing it!


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