Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Master Bathroom -- Little Boys' Clothing Shelf

This is where I keep most of the clothes for the two younger boys, ages 7 and 10. They also have a small chest of drawers where I keep underwear, pajamas, and play clothes so that they can access those on their own.

In the Chest of Drawers

3-4 pairs of sweat pants each
1 pair of pajamas each (usually they sleep in sweats or shorts)
6 pairs of boxer shorts and underwear each
5 T-shirts each
3 pairs of cargo shorts each

On the shelves in the bathroom

3 sweatshirts each
2 dress shirts each
1 vest each (to go with the dress shirts)
3 "good" collar longsleeve shirts each (flannel or knit)
3 "good" collar short-sleeve shirts each (jersey or cotton)
3 longsleeve T-shirts each

3 pairs of navy dress pants each
2 khaki or olive casual dress pants each
2 jeans/camo/cargo type pants each.

They keep their socks downstairs in the laundry room. They have 6-8 pairs each -- hard to tell because we go through them fast.

Paddy has 2 pairs of shoes, Aidan has 3 pairs, and they each have a pair of snow boots. They had sandals in the summer but they were pretty much worn out by fall and I don't think we'll be able to use them much longer.

They each have 2 winter coats (one lighter and one heavier), snowpants, and a pair of gloves.

This is for year-round. I had boxes of off-season clothes put away but I got rid of most of them and then put what was left up on the shelves since it didn't take up a whole lot of room.

Getting Rid Of:

4 sweatshirts
2 T-shirts

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