Monday, May 3, 2010

Household Journal #6 -- starting round two of decluttering

I'm planning to start another simplifying tour around the house. I don't remember how I came across My Simple Spot by a Catholic homeschooling mom of five, but this Room by Room is quite inspiring. Here's a post on simplifying by baby steps, which works for me, because in this area, baby steps feel like quite huge steps to me. It looks like I'm between step 4 and 5? I still have a lot of things on the floor, though not as much as I used to, and never mind my flat spaces. I'll probably be working on both of those during this tour through.

I thought I would try to focus on what I keep, rather than what I get rid of, now that I've been once through the house and tossed the obvious things. And perhaps I can list individual items that are going out of the door, rather than bags. So, see, that is progress!

I want to think as I go. How many of X and Y do I really need? How does one make those decisions?

I'm going to start in the laundry room because I have a huge pile of laundry to do tomorrow since I was out of the house today.

Then go to the master bathroom. I didn't really work on it when I worked on the rest of the house last time, because it didn't have very much clutter. All the more reason to go there now though, since it will be easier. Baby steps.

And take pictures? I'd like to, if the weather will cooperate. This house doesn't have a lot of light even on sunny days. Today was sunny and bright. I hope tomorrow will be too, and that we lose a lot of our snow. The snow feels like clutter ;-). It's zapping my energy.

But I'm looking forward to this second tour. I made a lot of progress last time.

Aidan took this picture.

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  1. I'm there with you! I have finally gotten the living-dining room to an acceptable level of simple and clean. My project this week is going through the photos and piles of albums and trying to reduce that by half. We have an entire closet full of albums and loose photos inherited from relatives!

    I think I found My Simple Spot through you...thanks, I enjoy her blog also.


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