Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hall Closets

I finally got around to tackling the art and office supplies closet today.

A bag of trash (vacuum for scale) -- I don't even remember what went in there now. Old glue, old paints (some 20 years old), old broken pens, some old pencil cases that are too beaten up to donate. Basically, everything that was cluttering the place up and making it hard to see anything else.

Here is part of a bag to donate, and next to it some things that can be recycled.

To give away:

Glitter paint, some kind of art kit, some beads, a construction set.

I can't get a picture of of the whole closet with my camera but it does look a lot tidier now and I have a better idea of where everything is. I got rid of enough so I could organize the rest. There is still too much of everything, but most of it I can toss if and when we move without too much of a problem.

What's in there now:

Tape, staples, paper clips, small paper pads and index cards, post-it sticky notes, paints and brushes, some fabric, some string and beads -- origami supplies. The list goes on but you get the idea.

Pictured-- Kieron's crystals, paints, and Liam's old chemistry supplies from his high school years. Some of my pens, and contact paper rolls.

So I'm up to 82 bags now!

I didn't take pictures, but I also reorganized the stairs closet which Kieron cleared out for me last week, putting junk in the garage to be dumped. Against the wall I stacked the extra bed in its component pieces there since there isn't room for it anywhere else in the house. It was stacked against the wall in my teenager's bedroom and he's glad to have it gone from there.

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