Saturday, June 19, 2010

Household Journal -- up to 80 bags since March

I updated my decluttering sidebar to 80 bags. What went into the bag -- some piles of very old National Geographics. Too many people give away old NGs for them to be donatable so I am afraid they went into the trash. Also burned some burnable things (cold day today). NGs aren't burnable. The rest of the "bag" is old blank coloring books that I've decided we can live without; I've registered them on Paperback Swap.

Next week I'll be able to easily get rid of two bags of stuff because K12 asks for a lot of their materials back and the rest can be discarded -- worksheets and tests and that kind of thing.

Funny how the house still doesn't look very empty. But it is easier to clean. I know where everything goes now -- I don't come across things that I have NO IDEA what to do with. When I do find something like that I get rid of it.

Last week I was reading a book by someone who went through the Overeaters Anonymous program. He said that not everyone seems to eat compulsively like he did but since he does, he has to keep that in mind all the time, as if he had asthma or something. Things that aren't a problem for others are a problem for him.

I think that in a comparable way I have a low threshold for clutter management. Some people have lots of things and USE it all. I have a relative who is like that. I'm not like that. After a certain point it is rubbish because I don't know where it is or it's too difficult to access it, so I'd rather just manage with what's more readily available.

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