Monday, May 10, 2010

Loft -- Childrens' Fiction books

I'm not going to do much book sorting this time through the kids' books since I already went through a bunch of them during the winter. I'll probably do another sort in the summer or fall.

I moved Paddy's easy readers over to this side of the loft to get them with the other books and clear out the center loft:

Chapter books (fiction)
More chapter books (mostly series over on this side)

These books are mostly K12 books plus some larger size editions that don't fit anywhere else.

This is the window seat over on the south side of the loft -- we read over there in the morning -- you can see Return of the King, the catechisms, the prayer book and the Golden Bible.

At this point I'm basically done in the loft -- I'm going to be working downstairs in the little time I have left this week -- the calendar for this week is packed.

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