Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cleaning Schedule

A simple schedule for cleaning. I'm really trying to get the maintenance work regularized so I don't have to make decisions every day.

The lower part says "Week 1 -- Vacuum" etc but that doesn't really mean I'm only going to vacuum every 3 weeks. I only wish! But on this week I vacuum more carefully -- you know, under cushions, in cupboards, that kind of thing.

Hopefully this will take me through the summer. I have high hopes that with the smaller amount of clutter around, it will be easier to keep the different areas clean. But time will tell!

Today was a busy day -- in town for Kieron's STAR testing and I was tired when I got home. I did vacuum and straighten quite a bit in the hallway area -- and got Clare's room ready for her coming this weekend.

It snowed yesterday and it's been cold and foggy, so the snow is still on the ground. Looks like February out there!

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