Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bag Size?

A reader emailed a question about what size my trash bags are -- the 65 that left the house either as trash or as donation. When I replied to the email, the mail bounced back both times, so I will answer on here and hope you read the post, Anne!

I am pretty sure the bags were the clear 44 gallon ones -- I found ones that look just like them over here if you scroll down the page (I think my husband bought ours at CostCo though). I ran out of them so I don't have the package anymore, and this time my husband got a different type. Anyway, they were smaller than the big black lawn trash bags but quite a bit bigger than the usual large-kitchen-bag size.

I just wanted to add that I didn't always fill them totally full, though sometimes they did get pretty near full. And I counted 2 boxes of books, papers or magazines as one bag. If I was giving away something big, like one of those standing-centers that you put a baby in, I just counted it as a bag.

We still have quite a lot of big items out in the garage.... things that will have to go to the dump--- broken furniture, that kind of thing. We're waiting till the weather gets better here -- it snowed a couple of feet just the other day. I'm not even sure how to count all that. But it will be nice to have it out of the garage!

Thanks for asking and for reading the blog!

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  1. Thanks for the reply. I did find it- Anne I am rather technically challenged and have not yet figured out how to leave a proper comment so I may have to use anonymous like I have in the past.

    I spend today on the den- took pictures and everything. Unfortunately I didn't get much out but at least it is organized so I can next decide what goes out.

    A couple weeks ago, I purchased two (20 count) boxes of 30-gallon bags and will mark success when I finish the bags. I actually put a bag in one of the boxes I got rid of, so I could keep an easier count. This is fun.

    I appreciated your thoughts about uncovering the emotional rocks in the river that are usually covered with the waters of too much junk. This sure is an interesting journey. It is fun to do it with others. I am doing this with another friend. She is far better than I.

    I feel like a baby at this-- My house is large and easy to live in with LOTS of stuff.

    Food for humor: We actually have 11 computers in the house and no TV- hummmm????
    But really the place is drop-in-able. :)

    Maybe I should measure success by truckloads??


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