Monday, February 28, 2011

hearts with windows, and other thrift store treasures

Being in town more these days, with some Christmas cash in hand, I've been visiting the thrift store more than I usually do since we are 60 miles away.  

For less than 40 dollars I have been able to get:

  • 3 nice shirts (a shiny black top, a grey jersey blouse and a white ribbed turtleneck)
  • 2 fairly nice dresses (I didn't have any dresses, because during my quarter century of almost-continual nursing I built up a wardrobe of skirts)
  • A pair of black ribbed tights in good condition.
  • Five light-weight tops for spring, trusting that contrary to appearances spring will eventually come.
  • A handbag that is big enough to fit my Kindle and notebook.
  • Two shirts and a pair of pants for my boys.
  • A really pretty Pottery Barn throw in a birds-egg blue color.

    Aidan gets bored fast as I browse through the store -- typical boy!   I usually let him get himself a shirt of his choice, and it's always interesting to see what catches his eye.  Today it was a hoodie with brightly colored hearts all over it.  I think it was meant for a girl but then, who knows -- I see boys wearing odd things nowadays.   In Aidan's case, he can wear his heart shirt around the house.   It was 75 percent off so it only cost about 60 cents. And the hearts make him feel happy -- he says they have windows inside them.   I don't know what he means, but it sounds like a good thing to have in a family. 

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    1. That's lovely!

      I had a clothing swap yesterday and exchanged clothes with three friends. We all got rid of things we didn't love and found a few new (to us) things to wear. It was fun.

      I have several dresses I can nurse in, but my skirt collection is slowly growing.


    I would love to hear your thoughts on this!