Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Splendor in the Ordinary

Splendor in the Ordinary:  Your Home as a Holy Place

by Dr Thomas Howard (Ignatius Press author page which takes you to other books he wrote and some interviews with him).  You can also see some of his other books here. 

The same book by a different name is available on Kindle:  Hallowed Be This House

Thomas Howard is a notable convert to Catholicism, an English professor who taught for forty years.   He is actually the brother of Elisabeth Elliot, who is also a notable Christian writer

I am only mentioning this book right now because I want to blog about it in more detail later on.    I bought it a couple of years ago and "couldn't get into it" and for that reason never finished reading it.  I mentioned before that I have trouble with relating to concrete sensory things and the whole idea of "hallowing" the ordinary.  I am not really temperamentally a sacramental type though my faith and reason subscribe wholeheartedly to the concept.  However, I think this is something within me that needs to be addressed.  So my plan is to embark on another decluttering and cleaning "journey" through my house after the Christmas season and read this book alongside that.  

Here is the table of contents:

  1. The Household:  Learn to see the holy in the ordinary
  2. The Door:  Worship God through your everyday actions
  3. The Four Walls:  Find freedom in the bonds of love
  4. The Entryway:  Behold the holiness of every person and action
  5. The Living Room:  Learn the lessons of love that lead to joy -- and to Heaven
  6. The Dining Room:  See the Eucharist reflected in your meals
  7. The Kitchen:  Find joy in humble service
  8. The Bathroom:  Live in modesty and purity
  9. The Bedroom:  Discover the principle of love in all stages of your life
So I'll probably start blogging about it in detail some time after Epiphany.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you are going to finish this book! I was so afraid it was yet another in the series of books to be donated before completion. I really like it. It is a standard wedding gift we give alongside Home Comforts (completely practical) and The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer (somewhere between the two).

  2. He's Elizabeth Elliot's brother??? I had no idea! That explains a lot, actually. And I love this book. I regularly loan out my copy.

  3. I got this book a long time ago too. Wasn't it going to be a online study or something. I wonder if I can locate my copy or if I've given it away. I probably need something inspirational to do with housekeeping!


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