Sunday, November 21, 2010

Discipline: The Glad Surrender

Discipline:  The Glad Surrender

by Elisabeth Elliot (the link takes you to a page about her with links to her other books and online writings).

Here is the table of contents:

I can't remember quite why I got this book.; I have always liked Elisabeth Elliot's writing and my mom has several of her books on her shelves.  The book is about bringing different parts of one's life under discipline in response to God's call.   So the theme is unified but each chapter can stand on its own as a meditative essay.

The points made are illustrated with stories from her own life or those of people she has met, with quotes from Scripture and from Christian writers (surprisingly often, Catholic writers such as John Paul II and St Francis de Sales), and with analogies taken from nature. She often also delves into the etymology of a word as it is used in Scripture.

Though the nature of the book is such that no particular topic is dealt with at great depth, the points made generally ring true and are not shallow. For example, she says:

God, the causer of it all, also "causes us to cause."

It is of the highest importance that we understand the necessity of TWO wills, the one created by the other and ordained free, both operating in accord.  .... God has arranged things in such a way that His own action is coupled with the action of men.   The Bible is replete with examples of a loving and powerful God choosing sinful and weak men to accomplish His purposes, allowing them the dignity to act in freedom and thus to have a willed part in what He does."

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