Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

I like this weekly wrap-up theme ( I just learned how to make pictures into links : ) --click the picture to get to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers where it originates; HT Barb at Harmony Art Mom.)

This was the week we finally got some spring.

  • Brendan and Kieron shoveled all the snow off the deck.
  • I worked the new barbecue twice.
  • The boys went with their Dad down to the high school to work out a couple of times this week.
  • Aidan's been outside in the front yard as much as he can be.
  • The blue jays are nesting on our deck AND in our garage this year.

The kids are going to be getting to summer in stages.

  • First, Clare at college had her last day of freshman classes today! Next week is finals week and then she will be home.
  • Second will be Brendan who will finish at the community college the week after that.
  • Third will be Sean who finishes high school in the first week of June.
  • Finally, the younger boys -- K12 ends on June 16.
Honestly, I can't wait till they are all home for the summer. How much things have changed in the last five years. My kids are all running all over the place!

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