Thursday, April 15, 2010

Using Blog Technology for Lesson Plans -- Update

I've been working hard all week, and now I have a rough draft of the Dashboard for my Year 9 student set up. Right now it's sort of bland. I hope to get it more visual before I start actually using it (next fall). I will probably add edits as well... and correct mistakes, so my kid doesn't laugh at me.

But the general structure can be preserved even when I edit, which is something I LOVE LOVE LOVE about doing these lesson plans in blog format. (I wish I could design a program that had the features of K12's dashboard but that is wishful thinking!).

The lesson links as they stand right now cover the first week of next school year. We always start off the new school year slowly to get the kids used to how things are going to work. Here I'm linking to Day One. The idea is that you go the the right day and then follow the links to the subjects listed, which are on separate blogs. You can see right below the header on the dashboard blog that there are step-through links for the rest of the week as well.

Hope that makes sense! It's always hard to explain something invisible, but if you are interested, go to the Dashboard now, then come back and read the notes here and it will probably make more sense: ).

I am really liking this so far! It takes time to write out the plans, but it is helping me connect with the books I'm having him use. It also helps me with my executive function problem -- not being able to reference the Next Step to a lesson plan or manual when I need to. On the down side it DOES take a fair amount of time to write it out. Fun though.

Anyway, take a look if you want. Because it is taking a while to write, it would be nice if it were useful to more people than just my last three kids, so that's why I'm talking about it here. Even if you don't use the same curriculum I use maybe you could get some ideas from the way it's laid out or whatever. Feedback, suggestions, etc are welcome! For some reason I can't get my comment function restored on here -- still trying though.

The obligatory fine print, which seems silly to write out for the ten of you who glance at this blog sometimes, but just for the record:

All material written by me is copyrighted by me but you can use, share, pass on anything so long as you do not re-publish for money or publish as your own work. I've used some online materials, either public domain or open source as far as I could tell, with credits and links to their sources. If you see something that isn't covered by that, please let me know so I can make changes.

Also, it's fairly Catholic, and uses mostly Catholic books and curricula. But maybe even if you aren't Catholic you might be able to use some part of it.

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