Sunday, April 11, 2010

What I Did This Weekend -- Ancient History Year 9

Unit I -- Introduction to Ancient History

Lesson 1 -- About the Course
Lesson 2 -- Introduction to the Six Questions
Lesson 3 -- Founding of Christendom
Lesson 4 -- History of Civilization

This is a work in progress.... history for my 9th grader. You are of course welcome to look at it, since otherwise I wouldn't have linked to it : ). I'll add to it over time. Having it in a blog format makes it easy for me to stay visual and make changes easily when necessary. The way I have it right now, most of the lessons have 2 or more parts. When you get to the bottom of the introductory post for each lesson you can step through to the next part.

Getting this written out took a long time yesterday, and I haven't road-tested it so I have no idea if it will work. Right now my plan is to have a "dashboard" blog where I will link to the kid's work for the day, and then separate blogs for each subject. This is the lo-tec way of doing what I liked about K12 but of course I'm not a huge team of workers paid to spend multiple hours a day on making it nice. On the bright side it is helping me think so that motivates me to keep going.

When/if the dashboard is up I'll link to it. I'll probably have a private blog where the kid can write his responses, etc.