Sunday, April 11, 2010

English Studies Year 9 -- continued

My stack of books to read for my high schooler keeps growing. When I listed books for English Studies last week I forgot the "how to read" books I was planning to have him study.

How to Read a Book
Tenets for Readers and Reviewers
A Rulebook for Arguments

Chapter Sixteen of "How to Read a Book" (at least the edition I have) is called How to Read History. Here's a sectional outline of the chapter:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Elusiveness of Historical Facts
  3. Theories of History
  4. The Universal in History
  5. Questions to Ask of a Historical Book
  6. How to Read Biography and Autobiography
  7. How to Read about Current Events
  8. A Note on Digests
I may be blogging about this since one of the things I got interested in as sort of a rabbit trail is the question of what history IS. I don't want to overload my poor high schooler but the question does come up as we read through history "primary sources" and "secondary sources".

I found this Google book on traditional logic -- written for Catholic high schoolers. You can get through to the page by clicking on the clip.