Monday, April 19, 2010

Quick Question

I am curious: Can you folks who are reading this blog see the comment box?

I tried to fix the blog so it could receive comments again (you remember, I changed it for the last part of Lent) and I've gotten some comments in the email, but I am not seeing them show up on the blog itself. Do others actually see a comment link?

You can comment and I will at least see it through email, or you can email me at

ETA: Thanks everyone... I got several responses. I see that the comments do show up if you go to the individual posts. I got some suggestions for fixing it so you can see them from the main page -- I'll try to tinker some more when I have time! Thanks again!


  1. I think I can see it. I can certainly post a comment, unless this disappears into the virtual world somehow.

  2. I tried to comment last week and was unable to but everything seems to be working right now.

  3. I see a comment link (now a comment pop up box) :) and two comments before me. It looks like it's working, at least with Google Chrome!

  4. For me there is not a link on the main page for comments on each post, but if you click on the title of each post you can get the comment link. I usually read on a reader and haven't been here in a while. I like the layout.


  5. Ditto what Michelle said: there is no comment link on your post, but if I go to the post's individual page, the comments can be viewed under the post, and then beneath that there is a "leave a comment" link which jumps to (for me) a full-page comments box.

    If you want to change this, I think the easiest thing to do (provided you are using the widget function) is to go to the Layout tab and click "edit" or whatever on your posts widget. This should give you the option to add "comments" to your posts and even give you the chance to say where you want it to appear (i.e., before the date, after the date, after your name, and whatnot).

    Hope that helps!

  6. If comments are not showing up on your main page the go to dashboard-->settings-->comments.

    The first option is to show comments. Make sure that is selected.


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