Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Back to the Ordinary Routine

Easter Season isn't over yet, Alleluia! but after two or more weeks off the normal routine, it is time to go back onto a regular schedule. I don't remember where I read it, but I remember CS Lewis talking about his idea of heaven on earth, almost too much happiness for this vale of tears. It went like: "Breakfast, Study, Dinner, Study and Write Letters, Long Walk, Pub with Friends, Supper, Bed". I may have some of the details wrong but this was the essence, and that would totally work for me in theory. In practice, it would be a snare for me (I think he concluded it would be too selfish of an existence for him, too, if I remember right). And anyway, it would be a neglect of my duties, as it wouldn't be for him as a bachelor.

It's fun for a break in festive seasons, and it's quite close to what I've actually been doing, with interludes to hang out with the family, do basic chores, run errands, etc. But it can't go on forever. So here's the routine I've planned out (basically, just my normal routine, but I have to rethink it consciously now since I've gotten out of the habit). This is probably more than you ever needed to know about my planning and routines but I always like reading other peoples' schedules so I'm presenting mine in case others feel the same way. At any rate, they're always interesting to come back to after a year or so, and see how things have changed -- how things I took for granted at this time have become very different in that future day.

A Few Notes

  • This is for the days when I'm home all day. When there are errands to run or places to go, I just pick up wherever we are in the day when I get back home.
  • I didn't mark it on the schedule but I usually try to follow the "seven times do I praise Thee" -- I don't really do the Book of Hours properly but I try to have some prayers for the daily cycle: Vespers, Compline, Midnight, Matins, Prime, Terce, Sexte, and None. (Midnight and Matins usually get telescoped into one -- I am almost sure to be awake at some hour of the night but not usually twice at night).
  • I'm just putting the types of things to do down here -- it's not a rigid routine. The main difference will be that I'll be more attentive to the house and family, and that I won't do any planning or study until afternoon (for me, it's a distraction -- I get wrapped up in it and absent-minded!).

Basic Daily Routine:


Morning Routine (getting older boys off to school with breakfasts and lunches and etc)
Laundry, Breakfast Prep, Devotions
Read to younger boys as they eat breakfast (we've gotten out of this habit).
Clean, do some lessons, go outside with boys.
Exercise (HA -- this is something I never manage to implement successfully)
Lunch (on the other hand, I have no trouble getting around to this)

Help boys finish school (alternate as needed, remember to include Aidan's therapy)
Dinner plans started
Keep working on laundry if we don't have to go anywhere.

Late Afternoon
Rest, bath, reading, writing -- basically relaxed time. Free play for boys.
Dinner prep
Organizing or cleaning or exercise if not done before.

After Dinner
Planning -- check email, etc.
Bedtime Routine starts at 8:30 (it's been pushed back to more like 9:30 recently)
Read, talk to husband, listen to tape


Today was my last day of just working in free-form. Besides talking to Clare on the phone, taking a bath and a nap, going for a walk with Kevin and the boys, and baking brownies and making tacos for dinner, this is what I did.

What I DID:
  • I updated the Planning Site for Aidan, which I've been pretty much ignoring for a long time.
  • I worked on the blog where I'm laying out Catholic Studies plans for the three boys, another thing I've been neglecting recently.
  • I haven't worked much this weekend on the Grade Nine lesson plans but I did work on it a lot last week. And I am still gathering books and researching. Luckily, I don't have to have it ready until next August.
I really just wrote this post so I could link to those projects and then follow the links over and over again (they're also linked on my sidebar). It's sort of like reorganizing a closet and then going into there just to take a deep breath and be happy for a minute. I love that feeling of having gotten something done.

Even so, I can tell I'm started to overload my focus (something that seems to happen to ADD-ish types like me) because I am having dreams about books, waking up with complex plans in my head, and also getting worn out -- the "stare at the walls" or "tinker for a long time and get confused with trivial things" kind of worn out. So getting back to a normal routine is probably a good idea for that reason, too. But I sure do enjoy those seasonal intensives and I am sorry this one is drawing to a close!

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  1. Oh, I like the look of your planning blogs. I might use them as inspirations to me when I'm feeling dry.

    I hope you had a good Easter Sunday and continue to have a blessed Easter season.


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