Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nota Bene

I'm going to close comments for the rest of Lent. I've always wanted to see what it was like but felt silly since it's not like I get all that many comments anyway. But it suddenly occurred to me that I have a nice little 3-4 week window of time here to experiment and see what it's like blogging without the comment function. If you want to contact me I would still be glad to hear from you; I'm not trying to close you all off; my address is (I'm not sure if the spambots read posts or not but just to be sure). You don't even have to be on topic, so, my old blogger acquaintances and friends, it might work even better just to email to say hi or say anything you want to say. Also any new voices that want to say something but have hesitated to speak up "publicly".

I'm going to try post-dating this to make it a sticky note -- testing now.

It worked! What you have to do, since Blogger lets you schedule posts by post-dating, is to publish it first in proper temporal sequence, and THEN post-date it. Just in case you really wanted to know that.

Template Fixes:

Customizing block quotes
Putting borders on your blog.

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