Saturday, November 14, 2009

Homeschool Reality Check

Good post from Danielle Bean at -- I Love Homeschooling, I Hate Homeschooling. I guess everyone probably has a similar list.

Top on my hate list right now is:

I hate the fact that to get my kids out into the community in any way, shape or form I have to drive LOOONNNGG distances and disrupt our family life.

Top on my love list right at the moment is:

HMMM. Coming up empty.
Must be November.


  1. I'm with you there! Definitely must be November :p

  2. Mine would be (on the hate side)- dragging my kids through the morning routine on a lovely day knowing the gorgeous afternoon will find us inside working because we love our pillows a little to much...
    (on the love side)- read alouds (although they can contribute to the above point because we aren't good at stopping!)

    Must be November here as well (although it feels like September outside!)



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