Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tales of Two Families and a Tipi

Chari's been writing all my posts for me! Here is another one -- A Wig-Wam in the Woods. Photos of our boys' project -- Matthew, Chari's 18 year old, got the whole crew of them involved. He was on crutches himself so it was good he was also the one most talented at supervising and directing the work.

They are leaving today : (. We sure enjoyed our time with them and are hoping to follow up with a visit up north to THEIR woods and mountains later this summer. In the next couple of months several of our older kids are going off to work, college, or trips to Europe respectively and so this is a last little interlude in our lives. Hard to believe that when we first met in person the oldest child in our combined families was 15 and two of them weren't yet born! Eight years can bring lots of changes.

(Picture of various members of both families getting ready to say goodbye for 3 weeks anyway)

Clare put up some pictures of the two families' various activities, too:

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