Tuesday, June 30, 2009

some internet sites I use for review and reinforcement

I thought today I would try to list out some of the online resources I most regularly use. I am not counting Google Books or the Real Learning message board or Homeschool Share or Enchanted Learning or Baldwin Project or Ambleside Online, even though I am very fond of those places. Mostly I'm listing web resources which I use for review, preview or reinforcement. If I think of any more later, I will add them.


You can type in your own quizzes as well as use the quizzes already loaded by members. There are flashcards, plus a game called "Scatter" and another game called "Space Race" (difficult). You can set it up to do tests, too. I haven't used it recently but it was a fun break and review.

Verba Antiqua

I'm using this simple online quiz program because it has Latin is Fun as well as Jenney's and one other I can't remember. You can go from Latin to English, English to Latin, or mixed. I try to have Kieron do this regularly as a reinforcement for the book.

Mathematics Enhancement Programme

This is the maths programme I am using for the kids this year. It has online tutorials and interactive materials for Year 3 up to Year 8.


Probably everybody knows about this one. Fun reading activities and you can print out worksheets as well.


Lots of quizzes on different subjects. You have to pay to create your own. I haven't used it recently because I've found other programs that do the same thing. But it's a nice resource.

That Quiz

We use this a lot for math drills. It's taken a lot of the headache out of review. Very basic so the kids don't get distracted by the game element.


Links to online resources for various subject areas, linked by standards. We don't use this often but it's fun sometimes for those days when we don't want to do normal things.

PASS printable materials

This seems to be a resource for special needs highschoolers. Dry and textbooky but they were helpful sometimes for me last year, if only as a reminder of the basic scope and sequence in the public schools.

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  1. Thanks for those. I'll have to come later and really check them out. The only one I've heard of before is Starfall, like you said.


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