Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Six


An Ambleside homeschooler from Australia shared this MEP Primer presenting how she uses the program with her Year 3 student. Since I've talked about MEP on my blog several times, I thought others might find this useful.


Here is a mega-project -- lesson plans based on the Book of Virtues -- at Shiver Academy. Look on the sidebar -- you can download it all at once or in sections.... it's a pdf.


I found this Exhortation to Educators by St John Bosco, written near the end of his life. A quote about gentle discipline:

“How are we to go about breaking down this barrier?”

“By a friendly relationship with the boys, especially in recreation. Affection can’t be shown without this friendly relationship, and unless affection is seen there can be no confidence. He who wants to be loved must first show his own love. Our Lord made himself little with the little ones and bore our infirmities. He is our Master in this matter of the friendly approach. A master who is only seen in the master’s chair is just a master and nothing more, but if he goes into recreation with the boys he becomes their brother.

If someone is only seen preaching from the pulpit, it will be said that he does his duty, neither more nor less, whereas if he whispers a little word in recreation, this is seen as the word of a friend. How many conversions were brought about by those few words which you whispered suddenly in a boy’s ear, in the thick of the game! When a person knows he is loved, he will love in return, and when a person is loved he can get anything, especially from boys. This confidence sets up an electric current between boys and superiors. Hearts are opened, needs and weaknesses made known. This love enables superiors to bear with weariness, annoyance, ingratitude, or the troubles, failings and neglect of the boys. Our Lord did not break the bruised reed nor quench the smoking flax. He is your model."

I found these Latin Teaching Materials a long time ago, but was just looking through the site again. Lots of nice handouts and teaching materials. I think I particularly like the Elementary Readers.

One more Latin resource -- at Tar Heel Reader -- there are some very easy Latin readers, probably for the grade school set -- but kind of cute.


A bibliographical monograph on the value of classics. Perhaps not very interesting, but I wanted to bookmark it for later. A lot of times you can find some of these old books in the Google repository.


That's about all I can think of, and it's time to dress the kids for Mass. We are going down to town for a Tridentine Mass -- long drive and hot weather down in the central valley, but very worth it!


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, Willa. I'm amazed how much interest the MEP post has generated!

    I've enjoyed learning a little about you and your family as I've been reading your posts as well.



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