Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Weigh 2

Last one was June 10 so now that it is July maybe it is time for another one. I've decided that once a month is enough for these.

Balance of Time

This is a new one -- I think that more than weight and fitness per se, I have to just work on balancing my life in a healthy way. That includes regular nutritious meals and good exercise but also other things like time spent on family, work, prayer, home learning, outdoor life and community activities. For now, that thought's just a placeholder. This next month I'll try to keep track of where my time and energy are going. Then I'll go from there.


  • Not too bad. I've been eating vegetables and fruit several times a day. A little careless with the carbs but it hasn't spiraled out of control.


  • This should become more of a priority. The weather has finally gotten warmer and I'm spending more time outside. Plus, Clare tells me that when you're exercising more your muscles retain water and you need to flush the toxins by drinking more.


  • I went walking 5 days out of 7 on our community trail with Chari and some of the kids. Total 15 miles, so not bad at all. I would like to keep that up. It's so pretty this time of year, too.

Challenges for this week:

  • Drink more.
  • Keep up with the exercise (I'm thinking about doing some yard work now that I'm SO fit-- LOL).

I'm down 3 pounds from last time. That's about a pound a week, which is definitely a good trend. On the down side, my normal range is about that so I will have to get a couple of pounds down from there to feel like I "really" made progress. This puts my BMI at 21.6. If I get down to 21 I'll feel OK about that. I don't like to get much higher than 22.

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