Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning Challenge


Mystie at A Healer's Geste is continuing the momentum of Project: Simplify with a Spring Challenge

Here is Week 1... the Entry.    So if you didn't get around to Project Simplify (me) or you want to do some more spring cleaning (also me) then this is a good opportunity!   She is offering a hand-crocheted scarf!

The rules for the challenge:
  1. Perform one cleaning task that you have been procrastinating. Not a normal one you do regularly, but one you always put off or neglect, and, preferably, one that would make you happy if it was just done.
  2. Perform one beautifying task. Add a touch to that area to make it more beautiful, more appealing, more welcoming, more peaceful.
  3. Think about the area and determine either its function and therefore what does and doesn’t belong there (which thought can be followed up on later), or determine how you can better use that area to serve or bless your family and guests (and I’m not talking ethereals here; how to keep enough rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom blesses everyone who uses it!). Thinking about it in terms of serving and blessing is simply a more inspiring, encouraging, and human way of thinking about the functionality and utility and maintenance of the area.

 I suppose if you don't have a regular entryway, like some of the people who commented on my post of a couple of days ago you can just think about that space around the front of your door that guests and family first see.    Our old house was like that so I remember the challenges!

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