Monday, April 11, 2011

The Housewife's Prayer

By Blanche Mary Kelly
Lady, who with tender word
Didst keep the house of Christ the Lord,
Who didst set forth the bread and wine
Before the Living Wheat and Vine,
Reverently didst make the bed
Whereon was laid the holy Head
That such a cruel pillow prest
For our behoof, on Calvary's crest;
Be beside me while I go
About my labors to and fro.
Speed the wheel and speed the loom,
Guide the needle and the broom,
Make my bread rise sweet and light,
Make my cheese come foamy white,
Yellow may my butter be
As cowslips blowing on the lea.
Homely though my tasks and small,
Be beside me at them all.
Then when I shall stand to face
Jesu in the judgment place,
To me thy gracious help afford,
Who art the Handmaid of the Lord.


  1. Willa - I stumbled on to this from a Google search and lo and behold it is you! What a wonderful poem. I hope you don't mind that I borrow it for my blog. Thank you!

  2. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing!


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