Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Challenge #3: Office Area

This week's Spring Challenge, held at Mystie's A Healer's Geste, was to do something to your office space.

I couldn't take pictures this time around -- my husband was off on a work trip and brought the laptop which has my camera interface    If you want to see my before and after office space from last year -- look here

That picture is way out of date now though because I took the table the laptop was on and with the help of my big boys, put it under the big TV in the loft.

Instead of that table there is now the electronic keyboard and its stand.    Paddy started piano lessons last month and I wanted to have the keyboard in a more accessible spot for his practice.

I moved almost all the office related junk into my curriculum closet  Again, no current pictures but you can see last year's look here. 

I didn't go through all the papers I stuffed in there because it's such a habit to do it during the summer after the school year ends.   But I straightened in there a little (it needed it). 

The rest of my spring cleaning time this week I spent cleaning up the loft.  Clare will be home from college in just two short weeks, and she is bringing a friend, so I am trying to get the house looking clean.   So this week was the upstairs.  I wish I had some pictures!  It looks a lot nicer up there now.

I also went through my mail -- I had definitely been procrastinating on that.  

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