Monday, January 3, 2011

today and always

I am trying to meditate on Newman's passage.

As the traditional day of  Epiphany comes closer and we draw nearer to the revelation of the infant Savior to the wise seeking Gentiles, and we consider what gifts He has given us that we can offer back to Him, I wanted to ponder on the spirit in which I meet my more practical resolves.

today, I will put love of God above any temporal thing,
and try to undertake things for His glory alone
 today, I will conduct myself conscientiously 
even and especially when it will not gain me respect or favor
 today I will limit my time for leisure activities, 
and I will direct my leisure towards cultivation and family
today I will work steadily through the things that should be done,
and not rest too soon
today I will take care how much time I spend reading rather than doing, 
and talking instead of listening.
 today, I will focus on the things that are possible for me today 
and on the next reasonable step towards what is more difficult
 today, I will be peaceful and content 
with what I have been given by Him
 today, I will do things for love of God 
rather than for my own or others' good opinions,
and I will give God the glory for what I do,
and I will occupy myself with the humble ordinary daily things,
and I will do things in the most hidden way I can,
as You did in the heart of Your Family

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