Monday, January 17, 2011

Revising the 2011 Bible/Catechism reading plan

Remember that I resolved to read the Bible and Catechism in a year?For about the third time? 

What always stopped me before is that a little checklist with 4 separate assignments is just too complicated for me.  Otherwise I could follow teacher's manuals or lesson checklists, which I never can.

So I tweaked the Bible/Catechism plan, which is what I usually end up doing with lesson plans and checklists, too.

Here's what I did:

I looked at the end of the Catechism.   My edition is 688 pages long.  Well, if I read approximately 2 pages a day, or 15 pages a week, or 60 pages a month, I will finish by next December.   Simple!

With the Bible I could do the same thing.... look at page numbers, then divide by days of the year.  But I am reading the Bible on my Kindle PC.   There are something like 38000 "locations", whatever those are, in the whole Bible on Kindle PC.  So if I read 100 locations per day and then in addition read 2 chapters of the New Testament on weekends, I should be close to being finished by the end of the year.  I don't know what 100 locations comes out to but it doesn't seem to be more than 5 pages anyway.  Which is doable. 

That doesn't account for the Psalms which are supposed to be read alongside the OT and NT.    My project with the Psalms is to start memorizing them.   You can find them in order, and with interlinear Greek and Latin, here, or pray them along with the liturgical year, with Benedictine monks, here.   Even if I don't memorize them all in a year (haha) I can still make a start. 

So there is my simple, no checklist-required way of keeping on track with my reading.  Since we have several Catechisms in the house, I took one to be my Very Own, so I can highlight and write notes as much as I want.   For this reason I am actually remembering it better than I did last time I tried this. 

And with Kindle it's easy to highlight and type notes as I read without messing up a book and making it unusable for anyone else.

This is sort of what my homeschool deteriorates into by January and February too -- a list of books which are basically "do the next lesson or read and narrate the next chapter".   Works all right though, and then in March we start adding test prep and nature study, and scrambling to finish what we dropped sometime after Thanksgiving.

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