Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reading for the New Year!

Read through the Bible and CCC in a year (PDF)

I got it from the Unschooling Catholics list and wanted to share.

Just so this post isn't TOO short, here's a link to the Nazareth Master Catechism which I use ALL the time.  The CCC, Tridentine,Pius  and Baltimore Catechisms are laid alongside by topic along with Aquinas on the same topic.  Such an amazing resource and a handsomely designed web site too.  I used it all the time when I was actually preparing my 9th grader's lessons (instead of just giving him a stack of books to read like I've been doing since November)

Also, if you have Kindle or Kindle PC (a free download!)  the Amazon Free Book Collection is pretty extensive.    Plus, if you go to Project Gutenberg and look to the right hand sidebar there is an extensive searchable mobile device database.   You can download books in Kindle or Epub format.

Finally, I think I mentioned this before, but Google Books has many public domain books that you can download as PDFs, view in an online reader, or sometimes download and you can read with an Adobe reader or other mobile devices (not Kindle yet, though)

Faith mentioned that reading off a screen besides Kindle hurts her eyes and I agree that PC reading isn't as easy as Kindle but on Kindle PC there is a sepia format that's not quite as hard on the eyes and also you can adjust the font size and screen brightness.  So it's been easier for me to screen read this way than when I am trying to scroll down and read something on a bright web screen.  Plus, if I am not online I can still read the books I have downloaded.

Haha, I needn't have worried about writing a short post.

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