Tuesday, December 21, 2010

long as time...

what can we say but that it never ends?
Even for us it never ends, only begins.

Because this blog has been untypically silent for a few days....  it feels so transitional around here, and I can never settle down and write when it's like that!   These last few days before Christmas are always like that, but it seems particularly so this year. 

We are on Christmas break now, which means baking and wrapping and visiting and all that kind of thing.   And boys, several of them as big as men now, playing pick-up football in the loft! 

My daughter's home from college, so I'm not the only female in the house at least for a couple of weeks.   Today I took her to the orthodontist and then we went thrift-store shopping and got to chat and listen to music in the car.  She bought pretty, flowing spring dresses in soft pastels.    The shortest day of the year, but we know the light is going to start lengthening. 

Sean, the highschooler, is home for Christmas break -- and intends not to return to school!  He made the decision pretty conclusively after football season was over.  He wants to "home study" as he says to his friends, so he's going to finish out this year at least in our homeschool.   After that, we'll see.

My oldest son who has been working for his dad's computer game business for the last couple of years since he graduated from college is now probably going to be going out on his own for a while, at least.  He has a job in a different state so right after Christmas break will come moving and settling for him. 

And my second son who has been going to college locally may be heading out of state within the next few months, too.

I do not much like changes, though these are all good, healthy, developmental changes ...  but it takes a lot of energy just to absorb it. I feel like I am about 20 years behind, with my oldest a preschooler still in my mind. 

the intrinsic face
worn by the always changing shape between
end and beginning, birth and death.

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  1. You do have some major changes about to happen. I'm glad Sean is coming home to homeschool again though!


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