Friday, August 13, 2010

St Clare and Summer Cleaning

It's almost time to start another decluttering/deep cleaning round through the house.  I can tell it's almost time because I'm so impatient with everything around here -- it starts closing in around me like the spiders in the old lady's room in And Ladies of the Club.   And I start getting sluggish and not getting things done because I feel weighed down by the chaos.  So, time to do some deep cleaning.  And that will bring us into the school year, because it starts so early.  Sean, Clare and Brendan all start high school/college within the next two weeks, and I might as well get Kieron started at the same time.   

I was thinking that if I can ask a saint to sponsor a school year, I can do the same when I undertake a project like cleaning.  I don't think it's irreverent -- do you?   It might help me to keep my focus.   It occurred to me on the 11th when I went to Mass -- it was the feast day of St Clare, (my daughter is named after her)  and I thought I could ask the saint to help me acquire a deeper spirit of poverty.    I know I still have things around the house that we do not need, that are not being used (which comes to the same thing). 

(Bonus -- this will remind me to keep my daughter in prayer, as she goes off to her second year in college)

The plan is to keep up with Level One maintenance but slack on Level Two and focus on Level Three, which means taking one zone every few days and going through it thoroughly.   It usually takes 3 -4 weeks.

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  1. I wish you well. I hope to get through the house one more time before school starts.


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