Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Resistance Training

That list is a little bit complicated, now that I've written it out.  I've noticed this before.   I try to write out something that's complete and it turns out to be so particular that I can't really comprehend it.   There's a simpler way, and that is to ask myself the question:   What are we lacking right now?  and a couple of answers usually comes to mind fairly quickly.    But I do need to have some sort of set-up that covers the basics whether I am thinking about it or not.  

I have some more mental work to do in this mothering area, I guess.   I am glad I still have 3 weeks left of summer.

In the other areas I've been listing, I am quite happy with what I have down, though I noticed in the past few weeks that any disruption in the regular routine will disrupt my house maintenance routines and will also put some holes in my prayer routine.    On the bright side, I am staying stable with my food and exercise routines, which means they are doable for me even in the tough times.

We are fostering three baby flying squirrels at the moment and one of my kids (not Aidan, as it happens) had to go to the ER a couple of nights ago and is still recovering, though it's going well.  So these things added on to our camping trip up north have been a test to my new habits and as I said, the food and fitness ones stayed good, the prayer routine became somewhat diluted and the household one got rocky.

I read in a diet book that tests are good if you can perceive them that way and having some rocky times is helpful in giving you an idea how you are REALLY doing.    This seems true to me -- and also seems to apply to other areas of life.  Failures can be positives -- like they say that weightlifting works to strengthen you because your muscles fail and even micro-tear, but then heal back better than they were, and then you can build on that new foundation.   So this is something I've been pondering recently  -- resistance training in life ;-).

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