Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Monday -- What are You Reading? vol 3

(I got the meme at Laughing Stars Bibliophile. And yes, I know that it's actually Tuesday!).

What I've Read:

My friend Chari recommended the Irish trilogy by Walter Macken. I finished reading Seek the Fair Land and have started the second one The Silent People. Good reading. I am determined to read more literature this year. Funny thing for a literature major to say, but Chari and I like to laugh about the fact that she got a science degree and is now "catching up" on great literature and I got a literature degree and am now "catching up" on various forms of non-fiction -- particularly religion, philosophy and science for the general reader!

Staying Fit Over Fifty: a library book. I'm not quite there yet (over 50) but I found this book sensible for over-40's as well, and it helped me get in touch with my inner athlete. Maybe. There were stories of lifelong athletes who kept fit into their older years, AND older people who had been relatively sedentary during their younger years but were hitting their athletic stride in their mid-40's or older. Anyway, I do think if I'm going to meet my goal of actually eating properly and maintaining my good weight in the long term I'm going to have to focus on a goal beyond just that. Does that sentence make sense? I mean that in the past I always backslid because once I met my weight goal there was nowhere else to go.

Look Me in the Eye -- another library book, about a man who grew up with Asperger's and was not diagnosed until adulthood.

What I'm Reading Now

Building the Christian Academy -- good book so far, I'm only on chapter 3.

The Secret of the Rosary -- by St Louis Marie de Montfort

Seems there was another one.... but I can't think of it right now. Oh, yes, I suppose

The Idea of Phenomenology (Five Lectures)
-- that has to count.

Paddy and I are still working on the Amulet, and I am having a hard time keeping the teenage boys in books. Any suggestions?


  1. Right now I'm reading (or rereading though I have very little memory of the story!) Watership Down. I'm also reading the textbook The History of the Church in prep for teaching next year. And I am very slowly trying to work my way through a book on Aquinas.

    I'm read The Secret Garden out loud to my 9 yo which is perfectly delightful!

  2. Back on the decluttering mode-
    I am working on the freezers. It is time to put more food in and there is already so much uneaten food. Any ideas what to do with it? It is all good stuff- organic and I hate to get rid of food farmers (I know) worked so hard to produce. Was this a problem for you? I am considering contacting a food pantry to see if they can use the stuff--

    PS: I lost track of bags because so much is in boxes. But I am not counting car-loads out and am up to five! Still just the tip of the iceberg! :)

    anne in Grand Rapids

  3. Good for you, Anne!

    Getting rid of food wasn't a problem for us because we have so many boys that will eat pretty much everything we have around. I think it's a good idea to contact a food pantry since if they can't use it they might know someone who could.

  4. Hey, good friend! I am STILL reading The Confessons and Innocents Abroad...but I am totally overwhelmed by all I want to read!

    Oh, finished Romeo and Juliet last night, with my club!

    See ya soon!

  5. I should pick up Confessions again -- I keep forgetting!

  6. I forgot that the Secret Garden has things of interest to boys, too. Maybe we'll try that next. ... thanks, Faith.

  7. Anne,

    I'm going to try to write a decluttering update soon. I got stalled with the other things going on around here.


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