Sunday, June 13, 2010

Looking at the Quotidian #1

We're heading into summer, so "Week in Review" will probably not quite work for my end-of-week wrap-ups since we won't have many academics going on. I'm going to try just logging weekly what I remember from the week past. That might be a challenge! I can hardly remember what happened an hour ago!

Summer is finally coming. Though we have only had a handful of warm days so far! Optimistically, I cleaned out the wood stove and bought beach passes for the nearby lake, and since then the weather has been brisk and cold. It is supposed to warm up, though, and we see various signs of spring, like the baby steller jays in a nest in our garage, and the carpenter ants investigating kool-aid spills in our kitchen. Kevin will have to do something about the ants -- but it's fascinating to watch their behavior on the counter, how they interact with each other and with the intruders into their space (that is, US).

I am going to try never to complain about warm weather again after this winter dragging on so much longer than our firewood supply. I still feel like I have a frozen part somewhere inside, somewhat like the increasingly tiny glacier that still remains in our front yard under the roof where the sun never shines directly.

Sean finished school last week! and is full into the swing of football camp season. He went to several long-distance ones, one in San Diego and one in Santa Barbara, and this week has a couple of local ones. He's been consulting his uncle, a chiropractor, about a stressed shoulder.

Next Wednesday, Kieron and Paddy are officially finishing their K12 year. Then we go into our summer schedule -- which I want to spend some time planning today. I think my main focus is going to be reviving old habits that I miss. For example, my older kids used to draw or color while I was reading aloud. I think this would be good for Paddy. He's developed a habit of climbing all over the place and doing gymnastics while I'm reading -- he still seems to hear everything but I think drawing would help him with the overflow energy and also get him in a more artistic mode since Art is still his least favorite subject.

Here's a handsome fellow -- the snake, I mean. Liam found him under our deck. He -- the snake, that is -- related really well to the camera, maybe because they both have one cool shiny dark eye on each side of their heads.


  1. Hi there!

    I just stumbled across your blog this evening and see that you have a lot of good ideas and resources! My boys just finished their 6th grade year (fraternal twins.) I see your Kieran is close to their age and that you just finished a year of K12 with him. Do you plan to continue K12 in the fall, or are you doing something different? I started looking at your 9th grade planning structure, and it appears that you are planning all of your subjects from scratch? Are you using the planning guide from Simple Charlotte Mason? (I really like that guide!) Where are you getting your ideas for high school, and what do you plan for Kieran?

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog! I am still pretty new at blogging, but I am having fun with it!

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for your comment and welcome to blogging! : )

    I decided against continuing with K12 for Kieron, though I am continuing with my youngest. It was a struggle merging in with the curriculum so late and though I think he learned a lot, I think the K12 style is just different from Kieron's. It works much better with my younger one.

    I think most of the plans I'm making for Kieron are variations on the ones I did for my 3 oldest children! The main difference is that I'm spending more time actually writing out lesson plans, plus the fact that we are trying to put it up online. When my older children were high school age, I didn't have the time to write out or prepare much ahead of time -- somehow they still did well though.


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