Sunday, March 21, 2010

History for High School -- Index

I'm using Warren Carroll's book The Founding of Christendom for a spine for a history/literature course for 9th grade. Here begins an attempt to try to plan out what I'm going to do. I'm experimenting here. I learn a lot more about books when I study them as I have been doing with the books on the sidebar (I also have a couple of private book studies going...) but this will be slightly different because I am planning to teach the material, not just learn it.

Index of Chapters:


Prologue - -In the Beginning

  1. A Darkling Plain
  2. Father in Faith
  3. Fire on Sinai
  4. The Promised Land
  5. The Divided Kingdom
  6. The Holy City
  7. The Quest and the Chosen
  8. Two Hopes
  9. The March Across the World
  10. The Fortitude of Rome
  11. Rome Ascendant, the Temple Regained
  12. Rome and Caesar
  13. The Winning of the Roman Peace
  14. The Incarnation of the Lord
  15. God in Galilee
  16. "I am the Resurrection and the Life"
  17. He Chose Twelve -- and Paul
  18. The Seed in the Earth
  19. Blood of the Martyrs
  20. Triumph of the Cross

Bibliography And Index