Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow Notes

I've been participating on this thread about classical education at the Real Learning board, and I found this article by Fr James Schall about Maritain: On the Education of Young Men and Women.

I thought it was interesting, and since I'm not blogging very regularly these days I decided to just go ahead and make a link.

Our power was out for three days due to the series of blizzards that pummeled the Sierra mountains over the weekend. It was an experience like descending into a cold dimly lit cave, except that we had board games and books and could warm up food and water on the gas stove. So really not as bad as a cave. We didn't go out on the roads, partly because our 4WD car was stuck behind the automatic door of the garage, but we heard that trees were falling across the road all over the highway and cars were having to be pulled out of snowbanks and apart from each other the whole weekend. Because we are below a ski slope and everyone was coming up here to enjoy the snow and not quite prepared for the conditions!

Off to pick up Sean from the bus stop in a couple of minutes! So I guess that's enough for one post.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I cannot imagine living like that! Amazing.


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