Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life Update

I certainly haven't been the best blogger since Christmas vacation. Maybe 2 children going back to college, one back to highschool, end-of-quarter meeting with charter teacher, a bad staph infection for my husband, a surprise 80th birthday party for my father in law, plus three birthdays this month have something to do with that?

I've also been thinking -- the kind of under-the-surface processing that's hard to talk about on a blog. Plus participating in more message board conversations. Seems it's not easy to do all three at the same time ;-).

This week we are supposed to get about 10 feet of snow, plus very high winds, up here on the Sierra Mountains above the mile-high mark -- I can hear Brendan right now stacking the remainder of our firewood out on the front porch. The weather advisories say to stock up on food since it's probably going to be hard to get out on the highway.

I think that since I've been having trouble thinking of blogging subjects, but I really don't want to let the blogging lapse altogether, that I'll just try to journal my reading and maybe a few details of our daily life -- which seems unusually stable and unblogworthy right now, but maybe it's not really that way.

Clare went back to college for her second term. I took these pictures of her with her Paddy-pal the day she went back on Amtrak.

This last one is so weird -- Paddy thinks it shows the real him : ).


  1. Those are lovely pictures.

    Ten feet of snow! I live in the Frozen North, and we have (disappointingly) only gotten about five inches total so far this winter.


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