Friday, September 25, 2009

Cursive Resources

Some guidance-oriented resources I found on cursive, for Brandy or anyone who is interested!

Zaner-Bloser PDF describing the basic cursive strokes and categorizing the letters by strokes used.
Another PDF document giving directions for making the different letters and showing diagrams as well.
Blank paper with slanted guidelines (PDF) by Donna Young. I noticed that Paddy was making over-curves rather than undercurves so his "t's" end up like little hills, so I thought the guidelines might help him.
A Handwriting Without Tears resource in PDF giving some pre-cursive and transition ideas.

So far, Paddy seems to be having a more enjoyable time with the cursive motions than with the printing ones. He has a subtle low tone so I think the starts and stops of printing are hard work for him.

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