Sunday, July 19, 2009

To-Do List

Here are some things I want to get to planning out, preferably this week. I've already got the first term at least in rough form, for the first graders and eighth grader.

  • Chore Rotation (only four kids really still at home and one gone for the vast bulk of the day, so most of the general housework will be up to me, Kieron, Aidan, and Paddy. Looks bad for Kieron until I can get Aidan and Paddy more up to speed : )).
  • Daily Schedule -- I worked on the outline earlier but now I'm thinking about transitions, set-up details, read aloud times, how to set up workboxes if we use them, when to go outside, what they will do when I am doing other things, etc.
  • Screen Time Rules -- these need some re-adjustments. The present system met the needs of three years ago but has been outgrown.
  • Approach to Household and Other Duties -- this is for me.
  • Teaching Notes -- a method for keeping all the plates in the air, and writing down how things went and what to do in light of that.
I found this seminary Horarium. Not that we're a seminary here, but this looks like it wouldn't be a bad model to try to work with.

Jen has a very detailed look at her time organization here.

I uploaded some lesson plan routines:


  1. How do you adjust to chore routines as the older ones move on or out of home or have bigger responsibilities.
    We are just reaching this with oldest son is starting Uni studies and next son is starting the Uni prepartation studies.
    God Bless

  2. Great question -- partly I just expect them to be helpful as sort of co-adults, and they usually seem to be OK with that and look for ways to help out.

    My son who is staying home while attending college still does his regular chores and also does quite a bit of the yardwork.

    My daughter is leaving in a month but while home she did her share of the chores, plus cooked some meals and also did some of the outdoor work. She also provided enrichment for the little ones -- I will miss her when she's gone!

    My oldest who just graduated from college is working for his dad with our small business, so he does few extra chores.

    My highschooler really has so little time to do anything extra when he's at school -- he's gone for 12+ hours and then has a couple of hours homework when he gets home. Put meals and a shower in there and I have trouble expecting him to do anything besides take care of his own "stuff" -- both time management and keeping his things in order. He does pretty well on those.

    That's a quick answer.... maybe I'll post about it sometime. Thanks for asking. I'd like to know how you do it, too!


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