Friday, June 26, 2009


On Real Learning, here and here.

My friend Chari's planning to do them. She makes it sound so good. My issues:

  • It can't cost any $$$ or require anything we don't already have around the house.
  • It has to actually be a plus for my homeschool or at least be entertaining for me; it can't complicate things or make me feel guilty.
I wish Chari would blog about what she is trying to do with them (and she says she DOES have a post in the works!), but as it is, we'll have something to talk about when their family comes to visit us in late June! Maybe I'll blog again then!

Here is a link with visuals and more links.

It looks to me like they are compact workstations, either that or spatial-concrete checklists, or perhaps a form of structured strewing, depending upon how you go about it. Sue Patrick, the lady who devised the idea, did it for her autistic son so he'd have a concrete, visual way to see what he had to do for the day.


Chari and her family are visiting now and her blog post is still in the works but almost done now. In the meantime, I thought I'd brush up this very scattered post and publish it since this is what we are talking about right now!

More here that Chari found online and shared with me -- A Comprehensive Review of Sue Patrick's Work Box System. I found this -- there may be a lot of duplicate links but it's a pretty site.

We are also planning for next year while we're together. You know you're homeschooling moms when..... but it is more fun to write out plans when you are sitting out on the deck with a good friend whose kids are the same age.

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  1. I saw this idea on Gerky's blog and thought it looked very cool. (I am SUCH a sucker for nifty organization plans -- too bad my follow-through has never been great). I've been toying with the idea of deciding whether this is adaptable to homeschooling -- as you said, structured strewing. We have so MUCH stuff strewed for the kids, and I think it's out of sight and out of mind. My issue is that we don't have much space to spare and I don't really want to spend any money. *LOL* Off to check out your links!


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