Sunday, June 14, 2009

Master List of Forms

This is a master list of the documents I've uploaded over time at my old blog. I'm publishing it in incomplete form so I can put it on my sidebar, but it will evolve over time as I add things and fix problems.

Since it's a draft, there may be some mistakes -- links that don't work, etc. If you find a problem please leave a comment and I will do my best to fix it. If you want a given form in a different version (for example, RTF instead of Word 2007, DOC instead of PDF) please comment and if possible I will add the version you request.

When the explanation is linked, the link takes you to the post where I originally explained and/or uploaded a picture of what the form or cards looks like. Sometimes there are also links to further resources.

Language Arts

A fable study guide/composition unit for middle school (google doc)


These are place value cards -- shown here:

Colored counting beads shown here:

These are described here and here.

Early Learning or Special Needs

Pease Porridge Hot (PDF) -- command card for brain gym type exercise
Shoulder Owl (PDF) -- another command card for brain gym type exercise


Supplemental Reading Packets

Study Guides and Reading Lists:

Two decorative Tables of Contents:

Usborne Book of Discovery -- Scientists (PDF)
Christ the King (PDF)

Worksheets for History Notebooks

These are forms you can fill out with information about an event or famous person to put in a notebook or use as the basis of a report.

Here are some more--

Timeline Cards

These are timeline cards you can cut out and use for a history notebook or wall timeline....see here and here for pictures and context.


The cards and game boards below are pictured and described here.

The geography commands cards linked to below are described and shown here

Continent Cards (small, PDF)

Control Globe and Label for Continent Cards (PDF)

Planner Forms

Blank ones to print out:

Planner by Hour (doc) -- a blank form for tracking or planning a day.
A weekly lesson planning chart (doc) -- by subjects and days
A similar one in greyscale (doc) for my Year 1 boys.
Another weekly planner/recordkeeper (doc) -- I was trying different forms to decide which would work best.

Study Log (PDF)
-- basically a weekly record-keeper or planner that a student could use himself.
Unit or Topic Planner (PDF) -- for planning an overview -- you could use it by year, or term or half term.
Monthly Theme (PDF) -- based on Dawn's at By Sun and Candlelight's beautiful monthly themes, as I mentioned here.
Focus Worksheet (doc)-- a blank sheet to fill out to remind me of my priorities in different areas. I don't think I ever used it.
Elementary-grade MOntessori type workplan (doc) --I looked at a few online and then made my own.
A lesson planning template (doc) with a history focus.

Filled forms to look at if you're interested.

----Course Plans for Year 7

I was being OCD and made a pretty lesson outline for Week 14 (PDF) -- you can view it here. Sure is pretty. Took time.

----In the third term of the year, we moved closer to Ambleside. Here are some records of that last term for Year 7.
---Course Plans for Year 1---

Basic Resources for Year 1 (PDF)
Year 1 Block or Topic Lists (PDF) -- part 1 and part 2 -- described here and here. They were based on "What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know" and "What your First Grader Needs to Know."
A Mater Amabilis type Timetable for Year 1 (PDF) with room for writing down details. .. shown and explained here.

from last term
Ambleside YEar 1 -based Checklist (d0c)
List of Ambleside Year 1 readings (doc ) -- in clipboard-friendly format.


  1. Oh, wow. What a rich resource. Thank you so much for putting it into an easy-to-access format. I'll be a frequent visitor here!

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  3. Wow! Unbelievable! What a treasure trove of resources. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Willa!


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