Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sundry Links

Wildly varied collection of links I wanted to save/share:

Why you should come up with at least 1 bad idea today:

I spent some time working in the television industry, and I learned a technique that writers use. It’s called “the bad version.” When you feel that a plot solution exists, but you can’t yet imagine it, you describe instead a bad version that has no purpose other than stimulating the other writers to imagine a better version.
 Crocheting a Jersey Rug

I hate throwing away old stained and ragged T-shirts and this seems like a great way to repurpose.

100+ Free Kindle Books

Brandy at Afterthoughts bought a Kindle for her 9 year old and has shared titles and links to a bunch of free (public domain) Kindle books appropriate for that age!   Since I just bought a Kindle for my 9 year old, I went back to look at her list for extra ideas!

Epic improv by young viola player

You may have seen this already since it's gone viral.. What happens when an audience cell phone disrupts a young man's viola performance.

The Reader's Odyssey

A friend of mine recently authored and published this book and it is great to see it available on Amazon!  I got to read a pre-publication copy which I really enjoyed and hope to post a review soon.  From the book page at Amazon:

The Reader's Odyssey is a four-year literature program for homeschoolers that combines structure and flexibility to instill in students a propensity to engage in good and great books.  Emphasizing the value of classic works that have endured the test of time, this program's developmentally appropriate, "errorless" approach allows students to focus first on exploring many diverse literary works and only later on applying what they have learned to interpreting and evaluating literature for themselves.  The individualized aspect of the program allows fluent and reluctant readers alike to accumulate meaningful experiences with literature, to appreciate ideas that are beautiful and true, and to grow more sophisticated and wiser in understanding through reading. 

 The Rosary Army

This site has audio rosaries that you can put on your IPhone or MP3 player.   You can get either the kind that has a Scripture to introduce each decade, or the kind that has a verse for each Hail Mary.

The Common App

Since my son Sean is at the college application stage, he used this online Common App which lets you make an application that can be used for quite a few of the private colleges out there.

Giant Campus

Someone told me about this online high school level resource for taking various courses  related to computer programming, game design, business and engineering.   The spring classes are still open to enrollment.  I don't know much about it, but it sounds useful and interesting, and since the campus is leagued with several public schools I am assuming it is quite legit.

See you Monday when I will post the final Keeping House Book Club entry!  


  1. Thanks for sharing these useful links! I had never heard of the _Reader's Odyssey_ and am interested in buying it. The problem is, it doesn't give us an idea of what works of literature it covers on the Amazon webpage. Since you were able to read a pre-published copy, could you give us an idea? It would be nice to have a glimpse before ordering. Thanks!

  2. Willa, I have awarded you the Liebster Blog award. Come on over to my blog and join in!

  3. Also, Willa, that book you linked, The Reader's Odyssey, looks really intriguing! I added it to my Wish List pending your review. I'm wondering if my ds11 might be old enough to start in on that kind of program next year (6th).

  4. Willa, thank you for the Giant Campus link. I've been looking for something computer related for my 13 year old son.


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