Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Pictures

A Happy New Year!

Since I have not been posting here much and can't think of much to say I thought I would post some family pictures.  We have an unhappy tradition of family-picture-taking.   You can see that Clare is almost never the problem.  It's her brothers.  One is always sure to be frowning, or closing his eyes, or turning away, or trying to disappear off the edge of the picture or behind someone else's head..

Plus, I find California light challenging.   I will say no more. 

We went to our lake to get these pictures.  It has been historically drained to be cleaned out and have something else environmentally friendly done to it.    You can see it in the background of some of the pictures.

I don't know when all our family will be together again.  In a few days we all scatter to different parts of the Pacific coast.    To think, only 9 years ago Paddy was a newborn and my oldest was only 16!  No wonder I often feel dizzy!  

Good form, picture too backlit
A little overexposed now, Kieron is obscured and Paddy looks spacy.
Sean and Liam take a talk break
Nice background, but family all shadowy
Cute, but Sean is completely blocked

Clare and Paddy take some time off


  1. Happy New Year, Willa!

    We have only been together as a complete family once in the last two years, so we don't have many recent photos of all our children together. I guess, it is never complete anyway because Thomas isn't here!

    Yes, where does the time go?

    I love your photos. It doesn't matter if they aren't quite perfect. Just seeing all your children in one group must make you feel very blessed and proud. What fine young people!

  2. Love the picture. happy New Year, Willa!

  3. Happy New Year:) your 1st pic was the best and it is indeed so hard to get all our children looking their best.

  4. Love the pictures, Willa! Clare is so photogenic! But they all look great, and what a blessing it is to be in one place with everyone at one time. Rarely happens here these days! Happy New Year!


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