Friday, November 18, 2011

Travel and Autumn Leaves

Just a couple of days after we returned from Disneyland, we were off again in our trusty 1998 Nissan Quest.  This time, heading north to visit my older sons up in Duck Country --- Eugene, Oregon, where they were all born but hadn't lived for 15 years until they moved back there last winter and summer.  

It definitely was salubrious for ducks up there as it was cold and rainy most of the time.   We meant to stay until Sunday, but the weather forecast predicted snow in Ashland and above, and we didn't want to have to hassle with chains and blocked lanes, so we left early.

Sean is still in a cast but fortunately, doesn't need pins in his feet as the doctor was afraid    That would have meant he was out of action for another five months so this is good news.   He doesn't know yet when he will actually be able to weight-bear again.  Right now he gets around on crutches.  

I still have a cough after more than a month so I think it is getting into sinusitis/walking pneumonia territory.  I decided that today I was going to alternate Getting Things Done with sitting around resting and writing and reading.   It is working fairly well so far today.   Kevin said he would make dinner -- bless him.  

The rest of this post will be photos because I love autumn leaves and we don't really get them up here in Conifer Country, and I thought friends of the boys might like to see a couple of pictures of where they are living now.  

Aidan walking down the short hall

A view of their apartment from outside -- they have a tiny porch enclosure.

Aidan took this picture from the porch
Another Leaf
Still More Leaves
Still More Leaves
And Yet More


  1. Hi Willa! This has nothing to do with your post, but I am dying to know how your Reader Shared items are still working? Did you do something to make it work? Or has your Reader not yet upgraded to the new (nonsharing) style? Just curious...I really miss the Reader sharing functionality that was inside of Reader...

  2. Hi Brandy! Since others were asking that question, I explained it here (#4)

    If you have an IPhone, ITouch or IPad, I think you can get the app -- it's called Mobile RSS (the free version) and you can get it at the Itunes store.

    I miss others sharing too!! It was among my favorite parts of Reader.


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