Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Take Up and Read Update

Today will be a quick post linking to what Chari and I are writing on our other blog, Take Up and Read:

First, there are still two more days to take advantage of a discount on the ebook version of A Picture Perfect Childhood, by Cay Gibson. For the rest of November, only $1.99 at Lulu.

Also, Chari has some ideas for celebrating a literary Advent:

It's a Picture Book Day: Advent Style 
A picture book a day, for Advent!

Our Literature Evenings
How to share literature in the company of friends, family and/or neighbors

A Christmas Literature Evening
Book suggestions and how-tos for having a Christmas literature evening.

First Sunday in Advent -- a Song for You
We are going to try to share a favorite Advent hymn each Sunday of Advent.

As for my contributions: 

I'm writing reviews of public domain books that might be of interest to homeschooling moms and/or kids.  Here's the first:

 The Rectory Children, a tale by Mrs Molesworth.

I also wrote about
Aidan and His Work,
and Our Family Shamrock.

Finally, my contribution to the ongoing Advent theme at TUAR:
The Jesse Tree

I hope you come over to look!


I would love to hear your thoughts on this!