Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cooler Homeschooling

You thought this would be about how our homeschooling is cooler than anyone else's, but in fact, it is about something way more important.... Aidan's coolers and their social and intellectual lives. 

Aidan is a master homeschooler.   Under his care, coolers never have time to get bored.   They are always doing something fun and energizing.

Here they are playing a relaxed game of chess:

Here they are having a convivial get-together, all six of them, after getting thoroughly washed by Aidan and the garden hose.  They were very happy to get outside in the cool bright autumn air, and I think it is evident  in every aspect of their appearance.

Two of the coolers are Aidan's  -- he bought them with his birthday and Christmas money and consequently they are known as Birthday Cooler and Christmas Cooler.   The rest are family coolers that get to enjoy the benefits of Aidan's benevolence towards cooler-kind.  

Yesterday the Birthday Cooler got to go with us to Santa Paula where we visited Clare and went to a park.  The Birthday Cooler participated in an impromptu football scrimmage and in a sort of tag game where it tried mightily with Aidan's help to crash into family members' legs.   With significant success, I might add. 

Here is Aidan taking a break at a pizza parlor in Santa Paula after all that social organizing. 

Even on days when my homeschooling is less than the best,  I can take heart in the sure knowledge that Aidan's Academy for Coolers continues to flourish.  


  1. That is a colorful collection of coolers. And I can see that they're well educated. :)

  2. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning. Aiden sure is looking more and more grown-up!

  3. This made me smile deeply. :) Especially knowing of Aidan's benevolence toward cooler-kind!

  4. You need to re-edit this post!!!! You left out the fact that Aidan' academy has scholarships for visiting exchange coolers!!! Several of my own coolers have enjoyed their attendance!


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