Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Camera

I'm back from Oregon where two of my sons are living. I don't have much to say, but my new camera came while I was gone, so I am trying it out on our new growth outside. Spring is finally sort of here so it's a good time to have a camera that works ;-).


  1. Willa, how come you don't have much to say? I've missed you.
    I hope everything is going well with your children.
    Your pics are sweet and very neat.

  2. Hi Silvia, I think it's because of the traveling! It makes it hard to focus for some reason! I'll probably get back into the swing of blogging after I get caught up on laundry and vacuuming and catch up with my kids who stayed at home ;-). Everyone is fine, though I do miss my boys. Enjoy your girls while they are little -- the time goes so fast, I can hardly believe my kids are not still babies sometimes.

  3. Lovely photos, Willa. I hope you enjoy a relaxing catch-up time together:)

  4. Willa, thanks for your words... they are starting to make true sense. You know, we always say 'time flies', since we are twenty, thirty... then one day you get a full grasp that you feel coming down in your stomach, a minute in which you are here but you project yourself in the distant future, and you realize you are not your age, but that you are already older or have no define age, but you are in the future, and your girls are grown up and you are washing the dishes in a house without them... I have those moments. Today it was one of those when I called my oldest, kissed her and told her, when I'm gone, stay faithful to God, I will meet you in heaven one day. And she said, promise mom. Then I washed the dishes and I cried, and I was happy.

  5. Hello Willa,
    I am trying to find your contact info, but I'm tech challenged, I guess, and I just read your part of A Little Way of Homeschooling. I would love to ask how two computer game designers fit into your family of homeschoolers, because I struggle with this at my house. Please send me your email address? I'm at amdelroze@yahoo.com. Thank you so much! Ann Marie del Rosario


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